Shopping List

Southampton Basics Bank

Updated - 05/05/2021 10:18:41

Urgently Needed

Carrier bags
Jam and Spreads
Small bags of sugar
Small jars of coffee
Tinned cold meat (ham/spam/corned beef etc.)
Tinned hot meat (stew/curry/mince/pies etc.)
Tinned kidney beans & pulses
Tinned rice pudding
Tinned sweetcorn
Toiletries - deodorant (male & female)
Toiletries - shampoo
Toiletries - soap & shower gel
Toiletries - toilet rolls
Toiletries - toothpaste / toothbrushes
UHT Milk

Low On Stock

Hot Chocolate
Packets of noodles
Pets - dog food
Squash & drinks
Tinned carrots
Tinned fruit
Tinned potatoes
Tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce
Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free

Well Stocked

Cereal (especially Weetabix)
Cook-in sauces, jars & packets
Packet/cup a soups
Pets - cat food
Tinned baked beans
Tinned fish
Tinned macaroni cheese
Tinned peas
Tinned soups (particularly chunky)
Tinned tomatoes
Toiletries - sanitary products
Toiletries baby - nappies, creams, powders, wipes
Treats (chocolate, crisps, etc)